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Team Development

This is about making your people feel valuable, that they matter to you and to your team.  


We go way beyond Kumbaya and trust falls.


We create events, retreats and programs that help you reach the goals you have for your team.  And we do it with so much fun and laughter that we make the learning enjoyable!

Team Development exercises are designed to improve team performance and and build cohesion through shared fun and risk.  There is a wide range of possibilities for setting up a team development experience with events that can be structured to fit your team.  These exercises can include: 

-Doing a deep dive into personalities and strengths using the MBTI or StrengthsFinder to give your team a whole new framework for working better together 


-Group Adventures such as a scavenger hunt, a ropes course or a role play simulation game


-Interactive projects like cooking together, creating an art project or serving together at a local charity 


-Games designed to make learning active and fun! These will naturally lead into a time of debriefing during which we will connect the concepts explored while playing, with higher performance in the work place


"My school has welcomed Golden Goose into our community and has deeply benefited from their team development magic making for four years now!  When they show up to start a session, everyone knows that we're about to grow.  Individually and as a team we have found self awareness, strength and responsibility for our work and for each other.  Choose them as your coaches or team development leaders; your organization will only grow because of it!"

Desiraé Ritz - Owner and Director - Treehouse Nursery and Preschool

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