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marriage on purpose!

Marriage is one of our greatest sources of joy, friendship and intimacy as well as some of our deepest wounds and challenges. Journey with us as we set out to help you strengthen your marriage by getting you away to a delightful area, engaging in meaningful discussion and application for your relationship, and providing follow up to help ensure your investment yields ongoing dividends. The essential elements of environment, helpful tools, application-based approach and meaningful monthly follow up group calls will encourage your marriage toward all you hoped and dreamed could be and what God has for you.

Our event will be:

- Highly interactive and fun

- Encouraging and teaching you to celebrate small wins as you move forward

- Rooted in God’s word and His heart for marriage

- Designed with relevant follow up in mind for your future success

For more information about Marriage on Purpose or to talk with us about planning an

event where you are please contact us!


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