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marriage events

We would love to talk with you about scheduling a retreat either here in Tennessee or in a location of your choosing!  We use our unique coaching approach, grace filled exploration and relevant follow up to give new hope and

meaning to your marriage.  

(BTW – for the Marriage Retreat skeptic… we’ve heard you…This. Will. Be. Different!).


My review of Golden Goose Marriage Retreats is specifically directed to men currently trying to figure out what excuses you can use to let your wife know you’re not attending another "marriage retreat". Guys, I’ve been there and promise the Golden Goose Retreat will be unlike anything you've ever experienced, as Darrin and Julie combine their wisdom, hospitality and humor to make the time with them one of the most fun and learning experiences you've ever had the privilege to attend. Their specialities include offering hope through stories, wisdom through questions and joy through humor. They offered a much needed dose of hope and a road map that showed us how to serve the way each of us wanted to receive, rather than just giving what we want. They have my absolute highest recommendation for any couple. So, if your marriage is running on fumes or you simply need a minor course correction for your journey, Golden Goose is positively a brilliant investment.

FRANK TATE - Entrepreneur

marriagE & Family

For couples, we offer both premarital and marital counseling and coaching.  Using instruments such as the Meyers Briggs Temperment Analysis and StrengthsFinder we focus on building healthy communication and disarming some of the "land mines" that can undermine a healthy relationship: budgeting and finances, sexuality, parenting and managing conflict, etc.


For families, we can help you navigate transitions, increase your personal awareness of how you each impact each other, understand your individual strengths and how they interact and develop a family mission statement that builds cohesion.  We can offer these and much more to either your nuclear family, extended family or even for several families together.


If you want to invest in your most important relationships this is a perfect place to start! Contact us today to create a plan that fits your needs.

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