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Aesop's famous fable taught us that it is the Goose that must be valued!  It is our heart's desire to help people and organizations invest in their most important relationships and reap the amazing benefits.

We are licensed coaches and experienced counselors and have spent a great deal of time understanding individuals, couples, families and teams and how they can work best together for maximum harmony, productivity and joy. We understand the importance of tools like the Meyers Briggs Type indicator and Strengths Finder to enrich existing relationships and maximize personal potential.

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Introducing Mckenna Stoddart!

Mckenna is a licensed coach and working on her ACC accreditation.  She is an excellent small group facilitator and brings joy and energy to her presentations.  She received a B.A. in Sociology and Mental Health and is well versed in the Enneagram as well as Strengths Finder.

Although she is the newest member on our Golden Goose team, she has been part of our core team since she was born as she is our daughter!  We are thrilled to partner with her as she coaches with skill and care and assists in our team building experiences.



I highly recommend Mckenna as a life coach! She is very personable, and has made me comfortable throughout all our sessions as she has helped me find clarity in both my personal and career transitions. We were able to set achievable action steps that truly made a difference in my life. I am a more confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of Mckenna's coaching. I would easily recommend her to any of my friends.

Jennifer Booker 

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